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The Art of Negotiation

Doing well in the interview process is only the first step. Negotiating is a crucial aspect of landing your dream job and must be done carefully. Follow this article’s 3 P’s of negotiation to get the salary you deserve.

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Interviewing is a 2-Way Street

Interviewing can be a scary process, but if you treat it as a 2-way street and use the opportunity to ask your own questions, you’ll feel confident and benefit even more from the entire process.

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Job Search Olympics

Job searching is a lot like the Olympics, and here you will learn how to prepare for this event just like the hundreds of athletes do every 4 years.

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The Bamboo Way of Networking

Bamboo are slow-growing plants that require a lot of attention and persistence before they begin to sprout. Just like bamboo, networking is a relationship that needs to be built on patience and perseverance in order to fully develop into a long-lasting connection.

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The “Sponge” Approach

If we go into a new experience representing a “sponge,” we have the opportunity to soak up/absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill, and experience; thus making the most of that opportunity.

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