Episode 2: Race & Real Estate: Strategic Segregation

About this Episode:

Where we live is intimately linked to our health — the life expectancy of a child born in a poor neighborhood can be 20 to 30 years shorter than a child born in an upscale neighborhood just a few miles away. For decades, we have used practices and policies in service of “strategic segregation,” concentrating poverty and people of color in the most unhealthy areas of a city. In this episode, we explore this legacy and how we can create better opportunities for housing and health.

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Kirsten Delegard
Project Director, Mapping Prejudice Project , University of Minnesota Libraries

Tom Fisher
Professor and Director of the Minnesota Design Center, University of Minnesota School of Architecture and College of Design

Mindy Fullilove
Professor of Urban Policy and Health, The New School

Virajita Singh
Architect and Associate Vice Provost, University of Minnesota Office for Equity & Diversity

Michael Joyce
Producer and Host, SPH Health In All Matters Podcast

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