COVID-19 Model Code

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) joined forces in mid-March, 2020, to build a mathematical model to predict the potential impact of COVID-19 in Minnesota.

The model is based on currently available evidence on the epidemic. The R code underlying the latest version (v. 3.0) was released publicly on May 13, 2020. Access to the code is provided below.

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Access the Code

COVID-19 model R code (access model version 3.0 through github repository)

Important Code Information

  • The provided R code is pre-programmed to run scenarios 1-4 in version 3.0 of the Minnesota COVID-19 model
    • To generate ICU demand outcomes as reported in our results, run scenario code with unconstrained ICU capacity.
    • To generate all other outcomes, run scenario code with default ICU capacity constraints.
    • Provided code can also be used to generate plots of outcomes over time (ICU demand, prevalent infections, cumulative deaths, etc.). Model parameters are set to base case values by default.
  • Using the code assumes basic knowledge of R and use of mathematical models. Technical support, over and above the existing documentation and FAQs (refer to links under “Resources”), is unavailable.


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