All courses are available in both online and in-person formats. If you have a completed a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree, you can earn a credential in public health core concepts. You can take the six courses you need for the certificate online or on campus.

The curriculum is the same as the core content taught in the School of Public Health MPH degree programs. Some courses offer curriculum alternatives, though they may be not be offered online. Some alternatives are required for certain MPH programs. Check with your coordinator for details before registration.


Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

Core Area Basic Course Alternative Course(s)

PubH 6414 Biostatistical Literacy (3cr),
(should be taken before or concurrent to PubH 6320)

PubH 6450 Biostatistics I (4cr); PubH 6451 Biostatistics II (4cr)


PubH 6102 Issues in Environmental & Behavioral Health (2cr)

PubH 6101 Environmental Health (2cr)


PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3cr)

PubH 6341 Epidemiologic
Methods I (3cr)


PubH 6741 Ethics in PH: Professional Practice and Policy (1cr)

PubH 6742 Ethics in PH: Research and Policy (1cr), (offered online all terms)


PubH 6751 Management in Health Services Organizations (2cr)

Social and
Behavioral Sciences

PubH 6020 Fundamentals of Social and Behavioral Science (3cr)

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