A 42-credit minimum is required for Public Health Dentistry. Up to 14 credits may be transferred into the MPH from a school of dentistry with approval of the director.

See Detailed Public Health Dentistry MPH Curriculum Information (PDF)

Effective fall 2018, a new required course will be added to the MPH curriculum: PubH 6250 Fdt of PubH, 2cr and the requirements for the Field experience, (which will be titled Applied Practice Experience) and the MPH Culminating Experience, (will be titled Integrated Learning Experience) will be revised.  More details will be posted soon. Please reach out to the Kate Hanson, coordinator, at with immediate concerns.

Basic Curriculum (17-20 credits)
The basic curriculum courses are offered either online or in-class at the University of Minnesota.

  • PubH 6020 Fundamentals of Social & Behavioral Science (3)
  • PubH 6102 Issues in Environmental & Occupational Health (2)
  • PubH 6320 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3)
  • PubH 6414 Biostatistical Methods I (3)
  • PubH 6741 Ethics in Public Health: Professional Practice & Policy (1)
  • PubH 6751 Mgmt in Health Services Organizations (2)
  • PubH 7296 Field Experience: Public Health Practice (2-4)
  • PubH 7294 Master’s Project: Public Health Practice (4)

Elective Curriculum (8-11 credits)

Public Health Dentistry students have the opportunity to choose their elective courses based on their career goals and interests. You may choose to complete an established interdisciplinary concentration, focus on one or two topics, or take a variety of electives.

You are required to choose at least one class from each of the four Public Health Practice domains as established by the APHA Council on Linkages.

The four domains are:

  • Public policy development using a systems framework
  • Interventions based on the dimensions of community and culture
  • Assessment and application of basic public health sciences
  • Program management and communications principles
Courses offered at the Public Health Institute will fulfill these domains. The coordinator can assist you to ensure that these domains are easily fulfilled.

Master’s Culminating Experience/Field Experience

The master’s project is a planned undertaking involving studious inquiry or examination. The product of that undertaking is a formal, written, scholarly report that demonstrates writing proficiency; and the ability to critically approach a topic, synthesize, interpret, and successfully convey information to the appropriate audience.

The project provides a culminating experience for the student that allows the student to demonstrate the use of public health principles and competencies.

Students are expected to demonstrate familiarity with the tools of applied research or scholarship in public health practice, the ability to work independently, and the ability to apply skills learned in coursework by completing a Research Paper, or Systematic Literature Review, or Consultative Report, or Grant Proposal or complete the Certification in Public Health exam.

Dental students are strongly recommended to the Certification in Public Health exam, after completing the basic MPH curriculum and the CPH exam is offered through out the year for your convenience.

Field Experience

This is an opportunity for students to learn firsthand about the organization, operations, and special activities of selected agencies, institutions, and industries concerned with public health practice. Learn more about the field experience.

The public health practice field experience provides students with a means of gaining additional insight into programs, personnel management, governmental relations, public relations, legislative support and, knowledge of special investigations conducted by these organizations.

UMN DDS/MPH students may customize DDS 6361 and 6362 Outreach Experiences I & II to meet the requirements of SPH field experience during the fourth year of Dental School. DDS 6361 and 6362 can be transferred into the MPH. DDS/MPH students are required to complete the SPH field experience contract reflecting the DDS outreach experience. A completed SPH field experience contract is required prior to starting the outreach experience.

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