A key feature of the MPH/MPP and MPH/MURP is that 12-14 credits from each program may be double-counted, which saves you valuable tuition cost (cost of 24 credits) and time (two terms). Below are two sample schedules for UMN HHH students. Remember you may be admitted or enrolled to any accredited MPP or MURP program to be eligible for the dual degree.

We will work with your MPP or MURP curriculum to identify courses that could transfer to the MPH program.  The examples below are for UMN MPP or MURP students.

Effective fall 2018, a new required course will be added to the MPH curriculum: PubH 6250 Fdt of PubH, 2cr and the requirements for the Field experience, (which will be titled Applied Practice Experience) and the MPH Culminating Experience, (will be titled Integrated Learning Experience) will be revised.  More details will be posted soon.

MPP/MPH Dual Degree Sample Schedule (PDF)

You will be assigned a faculty adviser from both programs and will also have the resources of the programs’ advisers and coordinators.

Many of the MPH elective courses are offered at the Public Health Institute during the University of Minnesota’s three-week May session in the last week in May and first weeks in June. The PHI offers course topics that are timely and current to public health and are taught in a non-traditional concentrated format, enabling students to complete up to seven credits in three weeks.

Examples of the some of the electives dual degree students have completed:

  • PA 5601 Women, Law & Pub Pol in the US, 3 cr
  • PA 5301 Pop Issues: US & Global South, 3 cr
  • PubH 6627 Sexuality Education, 1 cr
  • PubH 6601 Born a Girl: Glob Women’s Hlth, 2 cr
  • PubH 7200 Data Driven Decision Making, 1 cr
  • PubH 7200 Effective Leadership & Collaboration in PubH, 1 cr
  • PubH 7242 War and Public Health, 1cr
  • PubH 7262 Globalization and Health, 1cr
  • PubH 6724 Health System & Public Health, 3 cr
  • PubH 6835 Principles of Health Policy, 2 cr
  • PubH 6852 Program Evaluation in Health, 3 cr
  • PubH 6904 Nutrition and Aging, 2 cr
  • PubH 6078 PubH Plcy Prevention Strategy, 2 cr
  • PubH Health Impact Assessment, 1 cr
  • PubH 5231-Emergency Preparedness, 2 cr

The UMN MURP is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board, the UMN MPP is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) and the UMN School of Public Health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

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