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Master’s Project

The Master’s Project involves studious inquiry or examination. The product of that undertaking is a formal, written, scholarly report that demonstrates writing proficiency; and the ability to critically approach a topic, synthesize, interpret, and successfully convey information to the appropriate audience.

The Master’s Project provides a culminating experience for the student that allows the student to demonstrate the use of public health principles and competencies.

Students are expected to demonstrate familiarity with the tools of applied research or scholarship in public health practice, the ability to work independently, and the ability to apply skills learned in coursework by completing one of the following:

  • Research Paper
  • Systematic Literature Review
  • Consultative Report
  • Grant Proposal
  • CPH Exam

Regardless of which project option students choose, an oral presentation is required.

CPH Exam

The Certified in Public Health (CPH) Exam is a unique way to meet the project requirement. Students are eligible to take the CPH exam after completing 21 credits. The 21 credits should include the core courses, as those are the concepts covered in the exam. You may repeat the test if a passing score was not obtained or choose to complete a different MPH project option. The CPH exam replaces the MPH project requirement, but not the credits. Also, exam-takers are required to do an oral presentation.

Field Experience

This is an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about the organization, operations, and special activities of selected agencies, institutions, and industries concerned with public health practice.

The field experience provides students with a means of gaining additional insight into programs, personnel management, governmental relations, public relations, legislative support, and, particularly, knowledge of special investigations conducted by these organizations.

Participation in the activities of public health-related agencies, entities, or associations external to the university adds a dimension of experience to the curriculum that enriches the student’s training and may be beneficial in seeking employment.

DVM/MPH students must complete a minimum of three weeks of field experience, but the degree allows for a range of 3-8 weeks. The program coordinator and/or director manage field experiences on a case-by-case basis.

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