Master of Science (MS)

A Master of Science (MS) degree will prepare you for a career in research or analysis. The MS degree can serve as a stepping stone to continue your studies with a PhD.

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Master of Science Programs

Collaborate on the design of research studies and address research questions through analysis and data.

Clinical Research
Advance understanding of diseases and their outcomes and contribute to the development and evaluation of new therapies for patients. This program is for those with advanced health professional degrees.

Environmental Health
Address environmental and occupational health concerns while focusing on a specialty area of emphasis.

Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
Harness the power of data through health care research and analytics to improve health services, policies, and outcomes for all.

MS Student Profile

Mitchell Kruse

I really enjoy the investigative aspect of Industrial Hygiene and find that determining the root causes of exposures and accidents is complex yet rewarding work.

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What is an MS Degree?

Do you enjoy deep analysis and digging through figurative weeds to find patterns or anomalies? Do you want to identify new ways that social, behavioral, and environmental factors affect global health? Do you want to uncover new truths that can be used to improve health care for millions, or even billions, of people?

A Master of Science (MS) degree will prepare you for a career in research or analysis, or for the opportunity to continue your studies with a PhD.

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