Our faculty and students consistently contribute to the national conversation on environmental health and injury prevention. We partner with local and federal government, healthcare delivery systems, and communities to develop, implement, and share policies, science, and practice that tackle today’s most pressing health challenges related to climate change, global infectious disease outbreaks, health equity, food safety, and other timely issues. Our location, collaborative spirit, and integrated health sciences infrastructure uniquely positions the school as a national leader in these efforts.

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Recent Research Stories

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  • Finding better ways to detect and measure infectious viruses in the air — A study led by Professor Peter Raynor found that a two-sampler approach may be necessary to detect viruses and accurately measure their concentrations. Read the story.
  • Study to evaluate genetic underpinnings of smoking and nicotine dependence in American Indians and Alaska Natives — Assistant Professor Dana Carroll is studying how quickly American Indians and Alaska Natives metabolize nicotine, how it relates to their genetic makeup, and barriers that exist to using that information to improve health. Read the story.

Feature: Tackling a Persistent Pollutant

Professor Matt Simcik developed a process to keep hazardous PFCs — now called PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances) — from traveling through aquifers to drinking water sources and ecosystems. Read the story.

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