Stipends are based on current NIH-approved levels and years of postdoctoral experience. View current stipend information. Note that there is a potential payback requirement for postdoctoral fellows who take non-research positions prior to the end of two years.

The amount of tuition covered by the training program is subject to the actual NIH award.

Other Training-Related Expenses
Reimbursement for textbooks and other required course materials, as well as certain other research-related expenses, is on a pre-approval basis. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

Health Insurance
Predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged and eligible to secure the Graduate Assistant Health Plan for single coverage through the University of Minnesota.

If preferred, fellows can find their own health insurance provider and the program will reimburse them for an amount up to the Graduate Assistant Health Plan single coverage rate. Prior permission from the program coordinator is required.

Reimbursement of pre-approved travel expenses to one professional meeting per grant year. Maximum dollar amount is subject to the actual NIH award.

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