Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

HPM Anti-Racism Practice Committee Charge

The charge of the ARPC is to provide guidance, resources, and advocacy to foster inclusion and culture change across the division of Health Policy and Management (HPM) and beyond. One of the main goals of this committee is to support accountability through action planning and routine assessment to guide the Division’s continuing efforts to promote policies that promote equity, inclusion, and a culture of openness and transparency. This will be accomplished by proposing recommendations, providing a clearinghouse of curated resources, and advocating for student and staff voices in HPM. The committee acknowledges the historical legacy of oppression across academic institutions, particularly in Public Health spaces, which have systematically ignored and delegitimized BIPOC students. It is the aim of this committee to leverage its members’ contributions to bring awareness and action for the promotion of social justice and equity within HPM and beyond.

The committee is equally composed of faculty, staff, and students, with the leadership reflecting both faculty and staff.


The ARPC has established four initial workgroups to address several priorities that were identified through the input of HPM students, staff and faculty. The committee will advance to additional objectives from a list of nearly 40 actions after first progressing the highest priorities. Our current workgroups are focusing on the following themes:

  • Group 1: Training/Assessment
  • Group 2: Reporting mechanisms and accountability
  • Group 3: Articulation of expectations and apology
  • Group 4: Infrastructure, hiring, and distribution of resources

Committee Members

Name Role
Blewett, Lynn Member, Faculty Rep
Cole-Hill, Cheryl Member, Staff Rep
Dill, Janette Co-Chair
Gollust, Sarah Member, Faculty Rep
Grande, Stuart Co-Chair
Motachwa, Raquel Member, PHAP Student Rep
Sarkin, Courtney Member, PhD Student Rep
Tuttle, Mariana Member, Staff Rep
Volkmann-Carlsen, Kari Project Manager /Committee Support
White, Katie Member, Faculty Rep
Yarrow, Moriam Member, MHA Student Rep
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