Improving Quality of Diabetes Management Program for Communities of Color: Evidence from a Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) in Minnesota

Erin Collins

MPH, Public Health Administration & Policy

Stuart Grande; Roshani Dahal; Stanton Shanedling

Stuart Grande

Diabetes, quality


Persistent and increasing diabetes rates continue to concern public health officials.1
Residents in the Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis are affected by diabetes at a
greater rate than their neighbors; yet, little is known about the availability of diabetes
management strategies and resources.2 The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, a student run free
clinic sponsored by the University of Minnesota, aims to learn more about the people who
receive diabetes care in the south Minneapolis Neighborhood and how to address any access
barriers they may face. New information is needed on the status of their diabetes management to
adjust clinic operations and services to meet their needs. This study aims to identify resources
most needed by the community and recommend improvement strategies for the delivery of
diabetes care.
Patient-reported outcomes from the survey were analyzed using descriptive statistics to
understand patterns, commonalities, and differences that may be influencing diabetes
management. A cause analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and the results will be
used to develop and implement an improvement strategy for the clinic. Using the Model For
Improvement from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, this framework will guide decisions
that are made from data collection.3
Utilizing a public health approach to improve diabetes care in the community will also
contribute to reducing barriers to care often unseen by more traditional clinic improvement

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