In 2023, the Minnesota State Legislature signed H.F. 100 into law, legalizing the use of cannabis in Minnesota for individuals age 21 and older. This followed legislation establishing the state’s medical cannabis program a decade earlier. As part of the 2023 law, the legislature designated funding to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health to establish a Cannabis Research Center (CRC).

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The University of Minnesota School of Public Health Cannabis Research Center (CRC) strives to understand the public health implications of cannabis legalization. To accomplish this, the CRC will:

  1. Provide, interpret, and disseminate research information to guide policy and practice related to cannabis use in Minnesota.
  2. Conduct timely and cutting-edge research on both the positive and negative public health effects of cannabis legalization across the lifespan.
  3. Study issues pertaining to equity in cannabis production, sales, marketing, and use.
  4. Address key research questions asked by community members, community leaders, policymakers, and other partners in Minnesota pertaining to cannabis legalization.
  5. Train and support future practitioners and scholars to engage in research related to cannabis policy and its effects on health and health equity.


The University of Minnesota Cannabis Research Center will:

  • Provide value to Minnesota by conducting and summarizing research that addresses key questions and informs policies and practices to improve public health.
  • Lead the scientific community in cannabis research.
  • Uphold antiracist principles by prioritizing questions related to equity and incorporating antiracist practices into collaborations, research questions and methods, interpretations, and communications.
  • Maximize health benefits and minimize health problems related to cannabis by addressing timely questions now and into the future.
  • Be a trusted source of information about cannabis research for individuals, communities, and organizations.

To achieve this vision, the University of Minnesota Cannabis Research Center will be:

  • Responsive to questions.
  • Transparent about what we know and don’t know.
  • Proactive with regular communication about research findings.
  • Nimble enough to address a range of questions.
  • Efficient with resources.
  • Collaborative with key partners and community members.
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