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CREATE (Cardiovascular health and Racism in EAT participant Experiences) is a research project that aims to better understand how racism is experienced in the Twin Cities and how it relates to heart health. This study will look at how racism experienced during teenage years affects the risk of cardiovascular disease in young people in the Twin Cities who have participated in Project EAT.

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Study Procedures

Participants will have the choice to do a health screening or an in-depth interview or they can choose to participate in both.

  • Participants will come to the Epidemiology Clinical Research Center and participate in a free heart health screening
  • This health screening includes:
    • Fasting (not eating for 12 hours) before a morning study
    • Giving a small blood sample (about 6 tablespoons) which will be used to measure blood glucose (sugar) and cholesterol levels.
    • A blood pressure reading
    • Measurements of height and weight
  • Participants will also be asked to complete a 15-20 minute survey on a study iPad.
    • The survey will have questions concerning your health, identity, diet, physical activity, tobacco use, sleep patterns and factors related to your everyday life.

What will I learn about my health from doing the screening?

  • Each participant will receive a summary of their Life’s Essential 8 score (a measure of heart health) and information to access the American Heart Association’s My Life Check tools and resources to understand their results.

Participants will also have the option to do a one-on-one in-depth interview with study staff where they will be asked to talk about their racial identity and how it impacts their lived experiences. The interview is expected to last about 30 minutes.

  • Participants who complete the health screening will receive $100 compensation with this payment provided using the Greenphire ClinCard and a meal for their time.
  • Participants who participate in an audio-recorded interview about how their racial identity affects their lived experiences will receive $50 compensation with this payment provided using the Greenphire ClinCard for their time.
  • Participants who participate in both the health screening and interview will receive $150 in total compensation.

Study Location

Epidemiology Clinical Research Center
1100 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55415 Suite 201, Room 266

Parking on-site is available at no charge for clinic patients. The ECRC is located just off Highway 35W.

Bus Route Information:

  • 3 U of M – Como Av – Energy Park Dr – Maryland Ave
  • 7 Plymouth-27Av-Minnehaha-46St Sta-34Av S-66 st/Cedar
  • 22 Brooklyn Ctr – Lyndale Ave N – Cedar – 28 Av S – VA

Who is involved?

Hannah Cory and the study team will be performing research funded by C2DREAM (Center for Chronic Disease Reduction and Equity Promotion Across Minnesota) working with Project EAT participants from the cohort that started in 2010. This project is created in collaboration with our Community Advisory Board members:



Karina Villeda

Benito Lopez-Sanchez Jr.

Benito Lopez-Sanchez is a dedicated social services advocate and former youth incarcerated who has overcome challenges to transform his life experiences into a powerful force for positive change. He is a passionate advocate for vulnerable youth, working to address systemic racism within the criminal justice system and promote equality.


Nikolas Thomas

Van Quach

Van is a software engineer and an aspiring runner training for his first marathon in 2024.


For additional information and/or to enroll, please contact our study team at:

Telephone: 612-625-6132

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the study analyze?

Overall, this study will analyze and explore the relationship between experiences of racism in adolescence and heart disease in young people in the Twin Cities.

How much is parking/transportation to the study visit?

  • Participants will receive $10 on their Greenphire ClinCard to defray the costs of traveling to the clinic visit.
  • Parking at the Epidemiology Clinical Research Center is free for participants.
  • There are many bus routes that drop off and pick up in front of the Center:
    • 3 U of M – Como Av – Energy Park Dr – Maryland Ave
    •  7 Plymouth-27Av-Minnehaha-46St Sta-34Av S-66 st/Cedar
    •  22 Brooklyn Ctr – Lyndale Ave N – Cedar – 28 Av S – VA
  •  The Center is 0.5 miles (~11 min walk) away from the US Bank Stadium Metro platform.

Do I have to come in-person for an in-depth interview?

If you are only interested in participating in an interview with the study team, you have the option of coming in-person or scheduling a Zoom interview. Please let our study staff know your preference when you are scheduling your visit.

Do I need health insurance to participate in the free health screening?

All study activities are free and participants will be compensated for their involvement. At no point in during the study will you need to share your health insurance status and/or information.

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