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Stand & Move at Work™ is an evidence-based workplace health promotion program and research project designed to promote standing & moving during the work day for desk-based workers. The program is free to employers through funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Change the culture of your workplace and partner with us to:

  • Improve employee health and wellbeing
  • Engage employees with an effective, customizable, and easy-to-implement wellness program
  • Increase the use of any sit-stand workstations and improve your ROI!
  • Improve employee ergonomics
  • Receive aggregate reports on your team’s program progress & outcomes!

Stand & Move at Work™ is a workplace health promotion program/study designed to help employees sit less and move more. It was developed by researchers at Arizona State University and the University of Minnesota, with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Additional support is being provided by the National Wellness Institute (NWI).

The program, which was designed to be flexible in order to adapt to meet the needs of individual workplaces, is delivered by Champions who are able to access all program materials through a secure, interactive web-based platform.

This comprehensive program is made up of core and optional strategies that worksites can adopt to reduce sitting and increase movement during the workday and includes customizable communications and materials.

Watch a presentation about Stand & Move at Work given by the ASU Principal Investigator Matthew Buman, PhD.

A worksite can be defined as an entire employer or an individual department within a larger organization.

Your worksite might be eligible if:

  1. At least 50, mostly full-time employees
  2. Employees do most of their work at a desk.
  3. Employees share a similar physical and/or virtual work environment.
  4. Willing to allow staff to complete short research assessments (~1hr total over two years)

If eligible and interested, complete this form. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Stand & Move at Work is delivered by one or more employees at your worksite who are designated as Program Champions. Champions are given access to our secure, comprehensive Web Platform that guides them through all program activities.

Take a sneak peek at the Platform (PDF).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a workplace champion? Can there be more than one?

Workplace champion(s) are employees of the worksite who serve as the primary point of contact and person in charge of implementing the Stand & Move at WorkTM program. No special skills are required for this position, just a great attitude and desire for a healthier workplace – though often these individuals are employed within HR, Benefits, Wellness, or occupational safety. Our web portal will walk champions through the strategies and give them the tools to implement the program. Employers may choose as many workplace champions as they would like, depending on the size and needs of the organization.

What is the overall time commitment of the program?

The program itself is to be implemented over a period of 12 months, with an additional check-in 12 months after the program ends.

Employee Time:
Staff will be asked to complete program assessments, including surveys that will take an anticipated 45-60 minutes in total (over the 24-month period). Staff time taking part in programmatic activities is negligible.

Workplace Champions:
Ideally, program champions would be allocated one to two hours per month for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programmatic activities.

How much does the program cost?

This program is currently being funded by the National Institutes of Health, so the only costs are the time your champions spend on the program and staff time filling out surveys (60-90 minutes over 2 years).

Is training, including ergonomic training, provided?

Yes! The SMW Program Portal includes a series of short, online modules that provide champions with the necessary orientation and training. All employees, including champions, will also receive comprehensive ergonomic training.

How secure are the study data? Who sees the study data? Can employees be identified?

Surveys will be collected using the University of Minnesota’s Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) system. REDCap is a secure web application designed specifically to support data capture for research studies. Only authorized study staff will be able to access the study data. We will follow federal guidelines to maintain the confidentiality of data. All survey responses will be reported in aggregate and no individual employee will be able to be identified.

The SMW Web Platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure as an App Service, and the database itself is running under SQL PaaS with encryption at rest and encryption during transit. The database is not accessible outside of the Azure environment unless a particular IP is added to the firewall.

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