Biostatistics students in both the Masters and PhD programs are immersed in the division, assisting on high-impact national and international research projects, supporting the Division’s course offerings, and conducting their own research. Our students work closely with faculty advisers; with a student-to-faculty ratio that is one of the lowest among leading Biostatistics programs, students are able to get the training and personal attention they need to maximize their potential.

Students are actively involved in organizing both academic and social activities. The Student Seminar Series provides an opportunity to present and discuss work in progress, practice presentations for upcoming conferences, and learn new computing skills. Student seminars are typically closed to faculty.

Meet Our Students

Jaron Arbet
Andy Becker
Roland Brown
Jessica Butts
Charles Cain
Sandra Castro-Pearson
Jennifer Czachura
Chuyu Deng
Yangqing Deng
Andrew Dilernia
Clara Drew
Anne Eaton
Chen Gao
Carrie Groth
Lillian Haine
Brian Hart
Jin Jin
Adam Kaplan
Katherine (Alex) Knutson
Brandon Koch
Ales Kotalik
Qinshu Lian
Grace Lyden
Tianmeng Lyu
Maria Masotti
Shannon McKearnan
James Normington
Elise Northrop
Michael O’Connell
Evan Olawsky
Jun Young Park
Jack Pattee
Ross Peterson
Isabelle Schoppa
Souvik Seal
Carlos Serrano
Lianne Siegel
John Ssenkusu
Zhenxun Wang
Chong Wu
Zhiyuan Xu
Yi Yang
Yuan Zhang
Xiaoyue Zhao
Jincheng Zhou
Meghana Bhimarao
Katie Casty
Siyu Chen
Nora Forbes
Rebecca Freese
Han Fu
Elizabeth Gearhart
Jane Grinqauz
Bin Guo
Yuanyuan Ji
Ziyu Ji
Adam Kaplan
Alexey Korzhov
Brian Kwan
Hui Li
Yan Li
Xiaoyue Ma
Nicholas Marka
Kusha Muhammadi
Brett Peterson
Michael Petzold
Yenan Ren
Nicholas Roetker
Nathan Rubin
Karin Sather
Kan Shang
Luoxi Shi
Michael Shyne
Claire Smith
Katelyn Tessier
Mengli Xiao
Yi Yang
Meng Yao
Jie Yu

Upcoming Student Presentations

Recent Student Presentations

Name Advisor Title
Jaron Arbet Saonli Basu Robust Variance Component Models and Powerful Variable Selection Methods for Addressing Missing Heritability
Qinshu Lian Haitao Chu Statistical Methods for Multivariate Meta-analysis
Michael Shyne Mark Fiecas C-reactive Protein Blood Serum Levels and Future Sleep Quantity: Examination by Multiple Analysis Methods
Michael O’Connell Eric Lock Integrative Analyses for Multi-source Data with Multiple Shared Dimensions
Brandon Koch Julian Wolfson & David Vock Statistical Methods for Variable Selection in Causal Inference
Nicholas Marka Lin Zhang Spatially Constrained Whole-Brain Parcellation of Subjects with Schizophrenia
Hui Li Susan Wei Cluster Center Set Inference in Modal Clustering via the Mean Shift Algorithm
Siyu Chen Chap Le Comparison of Two Regression Models for Dose-ranging Experiments
Meng Yao Lynn Eberly Functional Data Analysis on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data of Spinocerebellar Ataxias
Luoxi Shi Xianghua Luo Analysis of Area Under the Curve for Longitudinally Measured Biomarkers with Missing Data in a Randomized Trial Studying the Effect of Nicotine Reduction on Biomarker Exposure
Claire Smith Chap Le Interval Estimation of the Median Effective Dose (ED50) from the Dose-Ranging Experiments
Chong Wu Weihua Guan & Wei Pan Statistical Methods for High-dimensional Genetic and Genomic Data
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