Biostatistics students in both the Masters and PhD programs are immersed in the division, assisting on high-impact national and international research projects, supporting the Division’s course offerings, and conducting their own research. Our students work closely with faculty advisers; with a student-to-faculty ratio that is one of the lowest among leading Biostatistics programs, students are able to get the training and personal attention they need to maximize their potential.

Students are actively involved in organizing both academic and social activities. The Student Seminar Series provides an opportunity to present and discuss work in progress, practice presentations for upcoming conferences, and learn new computing skills. Student seminars are typically closed to faculty. For a list of upcoming and previous student seminar presentations as well as other student resources, visit our 2019-2020 Biostatistics Student Seminar page.

Meet Our Students

Michael Anderson
Andy Becker
Sydney Benson
Jessica Butts
Charles Cain
Wenhao Cao
Sandra Castro-Pearson
Justin Clark
Christian Coffman
Jennifer Czachura
Daniel Davidson
Simion De
Chuyu Deng
Andrew DiLernia
Clara Drew
Conner Falke
Bin Guo
Lillian Haine
Ziyu Ji
Zhiyu Kang
Adam Kaplan
Jonathan Kim
Katherine (Alex) Knutson
Zhaotong Lin
Sharon Ling
Boyang Lu
Grace Lyden
Mykhaylo Malakhov
Maria Masotti
Shannon McKearnan
Quinton Neville
Elise Palzer
Nirali Patel
Jennifer Proper
Kollin Rott
Sarah Samorodnitsky
Lianne Siegel
Michelle Sonnenberger
Aparajita Sur
Jiuzhou Wang
Zheng Wang
Solvejg Wastvedt
Jack Wolf
Mengli Xiao
Kaifeng Yang
Yuan Zhang
Rachel Zilinskas
Robert Aidoo
Andres Arguedas Leiva
Yunxiang Bai
Seth Bergstedt
Emma Bidwell
Zachary Brown
Mohamad Burjak
Rui Cao
Eric Connor
Jiaqi Deng
Annika Fredrickson
Yuxin Guo
Jessica Hellner
Ajing Huang
Ziou Jiang
Yiyao Jin
Anthony Johnson
Cassandra Johnson
Tyler Jubenville
Yi Kang
Miranda Kunz
Damon Leach
Guangyou Li
Jingqi Liu
Xiao Ma
Lauren Makey
Jacob McPherson
Kate Noel
Evan Olawsky
Mingming Pan
Sai Kaushik Shankar Ramesh Kumar
Tyler Richter
Finn Roberts
David Schneck
Carlos Serrano
Joe Swintek
Wyatt Tarter
Guanchao Wang
Elena Werst
Daniel Whitford
Melissa Wong
Yuanqi Yang
Linnea York
Zeya (Olivia) Zang
Chao Zhang
Haozuo Zhao

Upcoming Student Presentations

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Recent Student Presentations

Name Adviser Title
Chao Zhang Chap Le Comparison of Baseline Characteristics in Randomized Clinical Trials
Rui Cao Weihua Guan Novel Influential Genetic Loci on Kidney Post-transplant Outcomes
Mohamad Burjak Jared Huling Adapting Stratified LASSO Regression and Post-Selection Inference Methods To Predict Subgroup Level Early Hospital Readmission Among Diabetes Patients
Andrew DiLernia Lin Zhang & Mark Fiecas New Estimation and Inferential Methods for Functional Connectivity Analysis
Melissa Wong Mark Fiecas The Moderating Effect of Depression on Early Life Adversity and Marijuana Use
Wyatt Tarter Mark Fiecas Reliability Analysis of Sliding Windows Assessing Dynamic Functional Connectivity on fMRI Data
Kate Noel Weihua Guan metImpute: Machine Learning Models for Cross-Platform Imputation of DNA Methylation Data
Sai Kaushik Shankar Weihua Guan Application of Supervised Principal Component Analysis to Epigenome-wide DNA Methylation Data
Alex Knutson Wei Pan Integrating Summarized Imaging and Genomic Data With GWAS for Powerful Endophenotype Association Testing in Alzheimer’s Disease
Finn Roberts Julian Wolfson Integrating Survey Methods with Mobile App Data for Social Contact Imputation
Yuxin Guo Eric Lock An Application of Bayesian GWAS with Structured and Non-Local Priors on Current Smokers in the COPDGene Study
Cassandra Johnson Lynn Eberly Childhood Trauma Clusters Among Women With Bulimic-Spectrum Eating Pathology: Relationship With Psychological Disturbance in Adulthood
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