DEI Action Alignment Team

Mission: To create an antiracist culture that is affirming, equitable, and inclusive within the School of Public Health (SPH).

Purpose: The SPH diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Action Alignment Team is the central organizing group for diversity, equity, and inclusion in SPH. This group will lead change in the school as we prioritize antiracism in our culture, education, research, and community engagement. The team will ensure that all groups focused on DEI initiatives across the school are being properly supported and that our resources are being leveraged appropriately. This Team will help to prioritize, implement, evaluate, and report on the progress of the SPH Strategic Plan for Antiracism.

Expectations of team members

  • Team members will attend monthly meetings and provide updates about their respective areas regarding their progress and actualization of the SPH Strategic Plan for Antiracism.
  • Team members will be the point of contact for their respective unit (e.g. division/program/area), and will communicate with their unit DEI groups and leadership about school wide efforts.
  • Team members will consistently contribute to the team’s mission by being actively engaged in DEI work at SPH.

Team members

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team (EDIT) co-chairs
  • Director of DEI
  • Coordinator of DEI
  • Chief of Staff
  • Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Communications
  • Web Manager
  • Faculty representative, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Faculty representative, Biostatistics
  • Faculty representative, Epidemiology & Community Health (EpiCH)
  • Co-chairs, Health Policy & Management (HPM) antiracism project committee
  • Project manager, HPM antiracism project committee
  • Assistant Dean of Recruitment & Enrollment
  • Assistant Dean of Enrolled Students
  • Assistant Dean of Learning Innovations
  • Co-chairs, EpiCH Diversity Action Team
  • Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Director of E-Learning
  • Director of Alumni Relations
  • Director of Career and Professional Development
  • Chief Development Officer


Contact Lauren Jones, SPH director of DEI, at

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