Master of Public Health (MPH)

Public Health Administration & Policy MPH

Become a leader and innovator in public and population health management, analysis, and policy.

This top-ranked public health policy and management graduate program provides core knowledge about managing organizations and influencing policy to improve population health.

The curriculum emphasizes the skills necessary for population-focused management, policy development, and evidence-based public health. Graduates work in government agencies, nonprofits, health care systems, and for-profit organizations that seek to improve the health of populations.

What is Public Health Administration & Policy?

The public health administration and policy MPH program at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health prepares graduates to become leaders and innovators in population health management, analysis, and policy.

Advantages of the Program

  • Connected. The Public Health Administration & Policy program has relationships with numerous national, state, and local public and private health organizations, creating opportunities for our students.
  • Support. Students get individualized academic, professional, and career advising from faculty and staff.
  • Networking. More than 10,000 alumni support students through mentorships, field experiences, career networking, and employment opportunities.
  • Real world. Our Community Advisory Board helps us stay connected to what is really going on in the workplace, and our faculty conducts cutting-edge research that shapes health policy at all levels.

Program Format

The Public Health Administration & Policy MPH program is a full-time, two-year program that focuses on building skills in policy development and advocacy; project, program, and organization management; and data analysis and management.

Which PHAP Program is Right for You?

Traditional on-campus Executive Distance
The program is on campus, with options for taking some courses online. The program is mostly online, with five short (2-4 day) visits to campus. The program is completely online.
There is no required work experience. You have at least three years of work experience. There is no required work experience.
You want to be embedded in a campus student experience. You want to remain in current location and job. You want to remain in current location and/or job.
You prefer classroom instruction. You value a mix of on-campus interaction and online convenience. You enjoy online instruction.
You value the traditional campus class model. You value the cohort model. You value independence and efficiency.
The traditional PHAP program requires a student visa for international students. E-PHAP is not an option for international students (unfortunately, student visa restrictions will not allow international students to participate in the executive program). No student visa is required.
Explore the traditional program. Explore the executive program. Explore the distance program.
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