Delta Omega

The Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health was founded in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University. There are now more than 100 chapters throughout the United States and abroad. The University of Minnesota’s Pi Chapter was founded in 1985 and has more than 800 members.

Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to increasing the quality of the field, as well as to the protection and advancement of the health of all people. Members are inducted to each chapter by a selective process that considers their outstanding performance and devotion to the field.

Delta Omega Inductees 2022-23


  • Leandria Albury, Public Health Administration & Policy – MPH
  • Richard Arndt, Executive Healthcare Administration – MHA
  • Cailynn Aumock, Maternal and Child Health – MPH
  • Mikayla Bartelt, Epidemiology – MPH
  • Bruno Bohn, Epidemiology – PhD
  • Henry Burns, Healthcare Administration – MHA
    Jessica Butts, Biostatistics – PhD
  • Deanna Drake, Executive Public Health Administration and Policy – MPH
  • Mary El-Afandi, Community Health Promotion – MPH
  • Umesh Ghimire, Health Services Research, Policy & Administration – MS
  • Katherine Giorgio, Biostatistics – MS
  • Calder Glowac, Epidemiology – MPH
  • Deepi Goyal, Executive Healthcare Administration – MHA
  • Lucas Halvorson, Healthcare Administration – MHA
  • Marielynn Herrera, Maternal and Child Health – MPH
  • Claire Holland, Healthcare Administration – MHA
  • Jackie Johnson, Environmental Health Sciences – MPH
  • Brianna Juma, Public Health Nutrition – MPH
  • Sesen Kidane, Public Health Administration & Policy – MPH
  • Thuy Kim, Environmental Health Sciences – PhD
  • Malia Lambrecht, MHA Healthcare Administration – MHA
  • Savannah Larkin, Epidemiology – MPH
  • Haley Lipo Zovic, Maternal and Child Health – MPH
  • Grace Liu, Epidemiology – MPH
  • Meghan Munger, Health Services Research, Policy & Administration – PhD
  • Julie Ntegeye, Environmental Health Sciences – MPH
  • Brooke Offenhauser, Community Health Promotion – MPH
  • Andrea Oléson, Environmental Health Sciences, Industrial Hygiene – MS
  • Urszula Parfieniuk, Executive Public Health Administration and Policy – MPH
  • Kayla Peterson, Community Health Promotion – MPH
  • Miriam Valley, Public Health Administration & Policy – MPH
  • Daniel Waller, Biostatistics – MS
  • Briana Wells, Maternal and Child Health – MPH
  • Elizabeth Whitcomb, Epidemiology – MPH


  • Horacio Duarte Division of Epidemiology and Community Health
  • Carrie Henning-Smith Division of Health Policy Management
  • Byeonghwa Jeon Division of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Ashley Petersen Division of Biostatistics


  • Jessica Tredinnick, Environmental Health Sciences – MPH ’11
  • Ellie Zuehlke, Public Health Administration & Policy – MPH, 1999

Delta Omega | Pi Chapter Membership (Founded in 1985)

Look for student, faculty and alumni members of the Pi Chapter and other chapters nationwide in the Delta Omega National Membership List.

National Induction Guidelines

Students: Chapters may induct up to 20 percent of the graduating student body. All student inductees are often in the upper 25 percent in class standing and must have demonstrated real or potential qualities of leadership in public health.

Faculty: Chapters may induct 3 percent of the full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty may not be appointed as faculty members. Faculty will be selected based on outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research, and the quality of publications.

Alumni: Chapters may induct no more than half the number of allowed student inductions. Alumni inductees’ work in the practice of public health should serve as a model for future graduates of the school.

Honorary: The first year that a chapter is active it may induct three honorary members. However, every year after the chapter may induct one honorary member. Honorary membership should only be conferred upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications and those who have attained meritorious distinction in the field of public health.

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