Incomplete Contracts

A grade of incomplete “I” shall be assigned at the discretion of the instructor when, due to extraordinary circumstances (e.g., documented illness or hospitalization, death in family, etc.), the student was prevented from completing the work of the course on time.

The assignment of an “I” requires that a contract be initiated and completed by the student before the last official day of class, and signed by both the student and instructor. If an incomplete is deemed appropriate by the instructor, the student, in consultation with the instructor, will specify the time and manner in which the student will complete course requirements. Extension for completion of the work will not exceed one year (or earlier if designated by the student’s college). The maximum time allowed for a student to fulfill incomplete course requirements is one year or as specified on the incomplete contract, agreed upon by the instructor and student.

Students who fail to meet incomplete contract deadlines as determined by instructor and student will receive a grade of F or N (depending on grade option).

For more information, this PDF guide lists step-by-step instructions on: How to create an Incomplete Contract

Each contract requires the following information:

  • Student ID
  • Course number
  • Course section
  • Instructor name
  • Reason for the Incomplete Contract
  • Outstanding Assignments
  • Deadline

For more information and to initiate an incomplete contract:

  • Students should go to Incomplete Contract Portal.
  • Once students submit the Incomplete Contract, Instructors can add the pending assignments and due-dates information; click on “allow” and a new section will open up.
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