Fall 2014 Course Highlight: Cellular and Molecular Exercise Physiology

Charlie Plain | July 24, 2014

KIN 5720: Special Topics in Kinesiology – Cellular and Molecular Exercise Physiology, is a 3-credit course offered by the School of Kinesiology that meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:40–5:55 p.m. The course emphasizes the cellular and molecular mechanisms in response to acute and chronic physical exercise. Topics of focus include biochemical pathways of regulating energy metabolism during exercise, change of gene expression as adaptation to altered diet, environmental factors and aging, and cellular oxidative-antioxidant homeostatsis.

Graduate students and advanced undergraduates will learn about current biomedical issues affecting human health and well-being, modern techniques in exercise science research, and important research articles in the literature. For questions, please contact the instructor, Li Li Ji, director at the School of Kinesiology at llji@umn.edu.


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