Illinois Public Health Capacity and Cost Assessment

This website is a technical resource for governmental public health staff in completing the Illinois Public Health Capacity and Cost Assessment (Illinois CCA), which is part of a larger Illinois Public Health Workforce Transformation Initiative. The initiative’s purpose is to create a seamless, responsive, publicly supported public health system that ensures safer and more equitable communities.

Illinois local health departments and the Illinois Department of Public Health will participate in the 2024 Illinois CCA. The Illinois CCA’s purpose is to document Illinois’ governmental public health’s current capacity and spending to fulfill a set of Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) and identify needed investments and resources to fully implement them.

diagram showing foundational areas and foundational capabilities.

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The COVID-19 pandemic revealed and worsened challenges facing public health departments nationwide. New, increasingly complex threats to public health have led to more demands on a shrinking (opens in new window) public health workforce and further worsened health inequities. To address these challenges, state and local health departments and their partners have launched the Illinois Public Health Workforce Transformation Initiative.

The Illinois CCA is the first step of this overall initiative and will ultimately result in a funding approach and proposal for a transformative, sustained Illinois Public Health System.

The Illinois CCA will support agencies and whole state-local systems in determining:

  • Illinois’ current level of implementation of population health services,
  • Associated costs for delivering population health services at current implementation levels,
  • Resources needed to fully deliver population health services, and
  • Gaps between current and full implementation for population health services.

We thank the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) Policy, Practice and Prevention Research Center (P3RC) (opens in new window) for their partnership and work discussed on these webpages. These webpages were developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health with funding support from the UIC P3RC and the IDPH through the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Center Award 6 NE11OE000090-01 Public Health Infrastructure Grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The statements presented on this website are those of the authors and not of IDPH or the CDC.

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