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Health Disparities in Rural Areas

June 21

Important health disparities exist between people living in rural areas and those in urban areas. For those living in greater Minnesota, maintaining good health can be a challenge. Rural health researcher Carrie Henning-Smith says much of this is due to social determinants of health. “[In rural areas] People live farther from…

Avoiding Skin Cancer

June 12

Skin cancer rates have been increasing steadily in the United States. We asked cancer researcher DeAnn Lazovich to explain the increase in melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer. “75 percent or more of all skin cancer deaths are related to melanoma, one cancer that is largely preventable. The reason…

Vaccines Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

June 05

Recent measles outbreaks have reignited the vaccine debate. Infectious disease researcher Michael Osterholm says that everyone should be vaccinated. “One of the challenges we’ve had is this growing body of anti-vaccination efforts out there. We are starting to see the return of vaccine-preventable diseases and we don’t have that institutional memory anymore,” Osterholm says….

Competition Lowers Insurance Premiums

May 24

Research by Associate Professor Jean Abraham and PhD student Coleman Drake shows that competition drives down premium costs in federal health insurance marketplaces.