Occupational & Environmental Medicine (MPH)

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) residency program is a partnership of the School of Public Health’s Division of Environmental Health Sciences and HealthPartners’ Institute for Education and Research that produces physicians who improve the health and safety of workers and who are future leaders in the field. The program emphasizes a solid clinical basis for the practice of occupational medicine and the management of patients with work-related health problems, as well as the identification and remediation of occupational risks and hazards in the workplace.

The OEM residency program provides expertise and specialty knowledge in the areas of occupational, environmental, and preventive medicine beyond the basic medical foundation common to most physician programs. The program is designed to prepare residents for leadership positions given them strong experiences in classroom and clinical settings. A preventive focus is emphasized throughout the program.

Read more about the OEM residency program on the Midwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety website.

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Why Minnesota?

  • Real-world setting: Resident physicians have the opportunity to spend quality time in corporate practicum rotations as well as with several workers’ compensation medical insurance groups throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Corporate opportunities: The Twin Cities area has numerous Fortune 500 companies where our physicians are able to gain occupational, environmental, and preventive medical expertise in the corporate setting. These include but are not limited to 3M, General Mills, and EcoLab.
  • High-tech health community: Some of the premier medical device companies in the world are located within the greater Twin Cities area. These include but are not limited to Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and St. Jude Medical.
  • Strong VA connections: The Minneapolis VA Health Care System hosts one of the largest and most active research programs in the VA system. There are currently more than 150 investigators conducting more than 500 research projects, with funding from the NIH, the VA industry, and foundations — including the Minnesota Veterans Medical Research and Education Foundation. The research program in Minneapolis is affiliated with the University of Minnesota.
  • Nonprofit focus: The nonprofit health care sector in Minnesota has always been an innovator in health care delivery.  HealthPartners and the University Minnesota are recognized national leaders in this arena.
  • Well-rounded education: Clinical experience through our program is broad and comprehensive, including hand and spine surgery;  with rotations in emergency, pulmonary, and occupational medicine; orthopedics, physical therapy, and dermatology.
  • Advanced tools: Our program clinics use the EPIC electronic medical record (EMR) system with Dragon dictation technology, providing state of the art medical documentation. This enables and facilitates our Outcome Measures, Quality Improvement, and Meaningful Use process and initiatives. Rotations at Physicians Neck & Back Clinic (PNBC) provides experience with Med-X technology and the concepts of “functional restoration.”

Application Deadline

Scholarship Consideration Deadline: December 1
Final Deadline: April 1

Demian Gitnacht
"I would recommend OEM to anyone who possesses the critical mind to solve possible causation puzzles. For individuals looking for variety, OEM is a great option as it offers a host of possibilities including a wellness program, preventative medicine practices, and treatment of acute medical conditions." –Demian Gitnacht, MD
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