Purchasing and nutrition knowledge assessment of caregivers in 3 Minnesotan group homes

Cole Hanson

MPH, Public Health Nutrition

Dr. Mark Pereira

Educational Objectives:
Describe the food environment in 3 group homes, and demonstrate different ways those group homes can improve the environment using approachable and evidence-based recommendations.

Nutriton, Disability


Objective: Identify the nutritional knowledge of caregivers and current nutritional practices in a group home setting for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Methods: Grocery purchases were reported and analyzed using the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) within 3 group homes. 19 staff were surveyed using the General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire Revised (2016) across these same 3 homes.

Results: Macronutrient breakdown of purchases was in line with USDA recommendations. Significant amounts of added sugar and refined foods were identified within the purchases. Among those surveyed, significant relationships were found between educational attainment, job class, and general nutrition knowledge indicators.

Conclusions: Staff who receive training in nutrition fundamentals may improve the nutrition outcomes of those they care for.

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