Executive MHA profile: Sayeed and Farha Ikramuddin

sph | June 2, 2015

MRBZ0219-compressedKeeping up with the Ikramuddins

Farha and Sayeed Ikramuddin are married physicians who recently completed the University of Minnesota’s Executive Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) together. They both teach and practice at the University of Minnesota and University of Minnesota Medical Center where Farha is a stroke rehabilitation specialist and Sayeed is a bariatric surgeon.

“Going through the program, our mutual support was valuable and the experience of two perspectives was remarkable,” says Sayeed. “It was my wife who suggested that I pursue this degree.”

While the 25-month program was a challenge and required sacrifices on a daily basis, the Ikramuddins emerged with new tools that allow them to interact, negotiate, build bridges and network. “It taught me to focus on projects in a holistic manner,” says Farha. “Most of the principles learned I immediately applied to my work.”

As physicians, the Ikramuddins are used to delivering health care one patient at a time. The Executive MHA program was a gateway to understanding and owning process for the greater good of the patients. Emphasis on process of care has been a dramatic step forward in the national approach to improve outcomes.

“I am interested in Academic surgery – optimizing outcomes with less invasive technologies and understanding the mechanism of surgical interventions so that we do not need to operate, “ explains Sayeed. “I want to improve surgical quality through process.”

Why the Minnesota MHA?

The Ikramuddins believe there are numerous opportunities to obtain the MHA degree nationally, but the Minnesota program’s long track record, its influence nationally, and the relationship of the U of M to healthcare industry payers and device companies made this the right choice.

“The MHA degree has been a catalyst to allow me to improve care for my patients and the work environment for my colleagues,” says Sayeed.

“Not a day goes by without using some of the learning from the Executive MHA program—from communication, strategic development, financial planning, operations, ethics and human resources.”

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~Post by Mona Rath

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