Reframing Aging & Dismantling Ageism

Distrupt Aging Classroom

Disrupt Aging Classroom is a two-hour, interactive curriculum that challenges students to examine their aging perceptions and think about how the growing aging population is relevant to their personal lives and future careers.

The Disrupt Aging Classroom curriculum is presented by AARP volunteer facilitators, who are trained extensively on the content and effective delivery. Facilitators can present either in the classroom or virtually through a live-video presentation. The curriculum complements any course of study and can be presented across disciplines at university campuses.

Disrupt Aging Classroom’s curriculum is offered at no cost to higher education institutions. Dr. Rajean Moone is certified to provide the session.

To schedule a session please complete the interest form.

Reframe Aging

The National Center to Reframe Aging (NCRA) is the central hub for the movement to Reframe Aging. The Reframing Aging movement is a long-term social change endeavor designed to improve the public’s understanding of what aging means and the many ways that older people contribute to our society. This greater understanding will counter ageism and guide our nation’s approach to ensuring supportive policies and programs for us all as we move through the life course. Since April 2019, the center has trained more than 100 facilitators locally on the research and fundamentals of reframing aging so they can play a key role in teaching others and changing the narrative. It also has promoted its efforts nationally, including successfully getting three major style guides used by thousands of scholars, researchers, communications professionals, journalists, students, and others to adopt bias-free language and incorporate the principles of reframing aging.

Dr. Moone is certified to provide reframe aging content. Contact him at for more information. 

Reframe Aging Minnesota is brought to you by the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation at the University of Minnesota, and the MN Leadership Council on Aging.

Upcoming Reframe Aging trainings

    • Generations Work: An Introduction to Reframe Aging
      A Virtual or In-Person Event | CEU 1 hour
      Minnesotans are living longer and healthier lives, but the way we think about aging has not changed, rather ageism and implicit bias toward age continues to impact our society. The National Center to Reframe Aging, the trusted source for proven communication strategies and tools to effectively frame aging issues, is dedicated to ending ageism by advancing an equitable story about aging in America. Join us for a special presentation to learn more about the power of research-based framing strategies.
      All are encouraged to register.
      Cost: All virtual sessions are FREE of charge thanks to our partners.
      To attend the in-person session on April 19, 2024 you must register for the MGS Conference.

    • A Deeper Dive
      The process of using these tools and strategies is called “framing,” and those who use them are “Framers.” Framing includes the decisions we make as communicators, such as how to introduce a topic, what to emphasize or leave out, and whether or how we explain an issue in ways that the public will respond. For those interested in going beyond an orientation into more applied learning, we have two other offerings.
      Both the Fundamentals and Core Elements workshops will be held at the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus in June, 2024.

      • Fundamentals
        A One-Day Immersive Workshop | CEUs 4 clock hours
        This four-hour, in-person workshop is designed to help you garner an understanding for the need to change, explore the way society currently communicates about aging, and offers tools and strategies that you can immediately begin practicing for more effective framing of your messages in an applied and supportive environment.
        Cost: $50

      • Core Elements
        An Intensive Framers Cohort | CEUs 6 clock hours
        This offering includes a six-part series of self-paced virtual training sessions along with a full day, in-person workshop, where Framers trained in the research and approaches will help you begin applying the principles to your work. Cohort members also receive two hours of personalized technical assistance to reinforce learning, practice skills, and answer unique questions. Experienced facilitators assist with “frame checks” of existing documents and communications materials to help frame new messages.
        Cost: $150

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