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We are all aging. This demographic reality is here for the long term and will impact all sectors. As we move into retirement, we carry lifetimes of experience in innovation, creativity, and leadership. At the University, we choose to purposefully engage older Minnesotans for the betterment of our University and communities. 

On September 8, 2020 President Gabel endorsed enrollment of the University of Minnesota in the Global Network of Age Friendly Universities. This endorsement acknowledges the important work the University has done in the past. More importantly, it is a commitment towards making the University more age-friendly.

Age-Friendly University Council

President Gabel established the cross-campus Age-Friendly Council. The Council’s Vision is that the University of Minnesota is a leader in age-friendly work, older adults are fully integrated into University life, and our students are fully prepared to meet the needs of our changing communities.

We believe:

  • We all benefit from intergenerational approaches and exchanges
  • Lifelong learners bring experience and perspective that enrich education
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central pillars to all the work we do
  • Ageism is a pervasive form of bigotry that must be challenged and eliminated

Council Members

The Age-Friendly University Council members include:

  • Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Group – Kelly Moeller
  • Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing – Sue Nankivell
  • Center for Healthy Aging & Innovation – Rajean Moone
  • Department of Family Medicine and Community Health – Christina Cauble
  • MN Northstar GWEP – Teresa Schicker
  • Office for Equity and Diversity – Kate Klosterman 
  • Office of Public Engagement – Amber Cameron
  • One Stop Student Services – Julie Selander
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute – Kate Schaefers
  • U of M Alumni Association – Neal Bhakta
  • University of Minnesota Extension – Mary Jo Katras
  • University of Minnesota Retirees Association – Eric Hockert
  • University of Minnesota Women’s Club – Susan Hopp
  • University of Minnesota Foundation – Helene Benitez

Age-Friendly UMN News

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Virtual Campus Meet and Greet

In the fall and semester the Age-Friendly Council hosts a virtual meet and greet for lifelong learners, older Minnesotans, and retirees. The event provides an overview of programs and services available to older learners. Information about the virtual campus meet and greet is provided via the Age-Friendly UMN News. 

Resources for Lifelong Learners and Non-Traditional Students

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