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Center Spotlight

JESSICA_FINLAY_2016_26 - Jessica Finlay

Jessica Finlay

This month we are featuring Jessica Finlay, PhD, a Research Investigator at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan and an incoming faculty in the Department of Geography and Institute of Behavioral Science University of Colorado Boulder.

Please see the following updates from Dr. Finlay:

  • We recently published a new theory of Cognability to conceptualize how supportive a neighborhood is to healthy cognitive aging. We found that living near civic and social organizations, arts centers and museums, recreational amenities, fast-food, and highways were significantly linked to cognition in a large national sample of aging adults.

  • corresponding public website launched this fall to share our findings about links between neighborhoods and cognitive aging. Folks can type in an address to see an area’s ‘Cognability score’

  • My faculty position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado begins in August 2023.

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