Special Interest Groups

An important goal of the CHAI Research Core is to create a space for dialogue and knowledge exchange among scholars, students and community members around common interests in the field of aging research.

Special Interest Groups bring together individuals with shared interests in a topic or a research method, with the ultimate goal of fostering scholarly collaboration. The groups are self-directed and members can decide to collaborate on a variety of topics, from writing research papers to submitting conference presentations to developing grant ideas and other partnerships.

The are several active Special Interest Groups:

  • Equity in Long Term Services and Supports (led by Shekinah Fashaw-Walters, PhD, safw@umn.edu).

  • Transportation in Aging (contacts: Laura Hemmy, PhD, hemmy001@umn.edu and Kyle Shelton, PhD, shelt169@umn.edu).

  • Rural Aging (check out the Rural Collective led by Carrie Henning-Smith, henn0329@umn.edu).

  • Financial Decision-Making and Aging (led by Marti DeLiema, PhD, mdeliema@umn.edu).

  • LGBTQ Aging (led by Rajean Moone, PhD, moon0060@umn.edu). This SIG welcomes individuals conducting research, learning about, or teaching about LGBTQ older adults. The group will meet monthly to network, explore collaborations, and discuss other topics of interest to the members.

  • AD/ADRD Special Interest Group (led by Joseph Gaugler, PhD, gaug0015@umn.edu). This group convenes those interested in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. We will discuss research, education, practice, and policy related to the prevention, treatment, and management of dementia.
  • Aging and Chronic Disease Management: Preserving Heart Health and Brain Health (led by Kamakshi Lakshminarayan MD PhD MS, laksh004@umn.edu). This group convenes those interested in chronic disease management in older persons including those with and without cognitive impairment. We will discuss the role of caregivers and examine challenges associated with the management of common chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. SIG members can add other chronic diseases to this list. We will discuss research, education, and clinical practice related to chronic disease care.
  • NEW Group! Early Life Adversity, Stress, & Trauma: Impact on Health in Later Life and the Buffering Effects of Resilience Resources (led by Mustafa al’Absi, PhD, malabsi@d.umn.edu). This group is co-sponsored by the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation & The Life Course Center.
  • NEW Group! Nursing Homes & Senior Care (led by Dr. Rajean Moone, moon0060@umn.edu) This group has been established to create a coordinated network of researchers working in nursing homes and senior care community settings.
  • NEW Group! Dissemination (led by Dr. Allison Gustavson, Allison.Gustavson@va.gov) The vision of this group is to create a learning space about dissemination and build expertise in the emerging science of dissemination, with the goals of supporting dissemination of aging research to a broad and diverse group of stakeholders.

Are you interested in one of these groups? Reach out to their team leader and attend their next meeting!

Are you interested in starting your own Special Interest Group?  If so, please contact chai@umn.edu and let us know!

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