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Remembering Bob Kane

March 21

Professor Bob Kane, one of the world’s leading researchers on aging, passed away on March 6, 2017.  Kane was director for the Center on Aging and the Evidence-Based Practice Center in the Division of Health Policy of Management.  He tirelessly confronted the challenges of aging and long-term care and urged us…

Saudi Students Improve Patient Experience with Innovation Course

February 20
Students create initial concepts based on their empathic fieldwork. It came as a surprise when Executive MHA-Saudi Arabia students took a tour of their hospital and observed how disconnected they were from their patients. It was a wakeup call for these students who work as physicians, clinicians, and administrators at...

Helping Colorado Create Health Equity

January 26

The citizens of Colorado are learning how to promote health equity in their communities with the help of Assistant Professor Rachel Hardeman, whose presentation, “Racism and Health Inequities,” is now being screened across the state.

A Repeal of the ACA Could Hurt Those Who Need It The Most

January 25

Plans by the Trump administration and Congress to cancel or alter the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could drastically affect those receiving Medicare coverage by eliminating tax credits to buy health insurance in state exchanges and rolling back Medicaid expansion. These changes would mean a loss of health coverage for many…

Medicare Advantage Patients Use Less Care with Better Outcomes

January 18

The expense of Medicare programs is an ongoing concern for Americans and many policymakers and researchers are working to reduce their cost without sacrificing patient care. A new study by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health shows that Medicare Advantage Plans may help by encouraging cost-efficient, post-hospitalization care…

Babies Born with Opioid Addiction in Rural U.S. on the Rise

December 20

Across the United States, opioid dependence is an epidemic. In rural America, the crisis is hitting particularly hard where communities lack the right resources to help people plagued by the drugs, which include heroin and popular painkillers such as Percocet. Associate Professor Katy Kozhimannil has co-authored a study investigating the…