Regulatory Toxicology and Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Toxicology and Risk Assessment program teaches students to think analytically about the biochemical mechanisms of toxicity, how toxicology is used to protect human health through laboratory research, and the development of sound environmental policy and regulations.

Students with a strong science background who are interested in laboratory research or environmental regulation and policy are encouraged to enter this field. The curriculum emphasizes the application of basic sciences to toxicology and disease prediction and prevention.

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Why Minnesota?

  • Comprehensive curriculum: Courses range from traditional regulatory toxicology to cutting edge approaches to studying mechanisms of toxicity and their application in the development of biomarkers of exposure and disease, and in shaping new strategies for policy and regulation.
  • Dynamic community: The Twin Cities is home to an unusually rich community of toxicologists who can provide professional mentorship, introductions to a wide variety of career options, and information about the changing needs for research in and applications of toxicology.
  • Public health setting: Program emphasizes disease prevention with the integration of toxicology and epidemiology.

Application Deadline

Scholarship Consideration Deadline: December 1
Final Deadline: June 15

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