Clinical Science & Practice

Health care professionals can play a vital role in supporting families in the care of older persons. Identifying and integrating family caregivers into the health care system and offering them the training and support they need to provide safe, quality care to their family members can both improve their capacity to care and promote their health and well-being. Attention to caregiver needs is a public health priority and a focus of the Clinical Science & Practice Core of the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation.

The Clinical Science & Practice Core is working on several initiatives including:

  • Launching a family caregiving clinic within the Grossman Center and other locations.
  • Working with Epic programmers to build a family caregiver module for the electronic health record (EHR).

Check back for updates as we move forward with these projects!

The Clinical Science & Practice Core is a collaborative Core of the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation, the School of Nursing, and the Center for Aging Science and Care Innovation.

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