The mission of the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation (CHAI) is to advance interdisciplinary aging science; create meaningful and immersive educational experiences in aging; build and sustain innovations in care and services; and establish vibrant community, governmental, business, and individual collaborations to promote healthy aging for Minnesotans and people across the country.

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Guiding Principles

The Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation offers a shared vision, mission, and resources for members across the University of Minnesota and beyond to pursue initiatives and become involved in activities that advance aging scholarship, education, equity, and community engagement.

The Center is:
  • A hub for interdisciplinary, scholarly interaction for all who are interested in advancing the science of aging at the University of Minnesota and beyond.
  • A platform for collaboration between academic researchers and community partners to facilitate the co-creation of culturally-sensitive, promising practices and evidence-based solutions that improve the lives of older people.
  • A singular, one-stop resource for faculty, students, professionals, and communities to obtain information, education, and resources to support healthy aging for all.
Our Goals:
  • Foster scholarly collaboration
  • Position ourselves as a community-engaged, outward-facing Center
  • Value perspectives, methodologies, and inquiries across disciplines
  • Ensure the sustainability of the Center as a resource for all
  • Encourage and practice cultural humility
  • Enhance access to quality gerontology and aging studies education for all
  • Provide robust, direct support to all to advance scientific, educational, and professional opportunities in aging
  • Adopt a cultural lens, conduct equity research, and apply an antiracism focus to CHAI’s work in the aging ecosystem
Connect with CHAI

Follow us on Twitter @UMNCHAI and LinkedIn! If you are interested in joining CHAI as a Member, Community Partner, or Community Ambassador, please email CHAI@umn.edu.

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