About Us

The Center for Public Health Systems (CPHS) at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health was established in 2021. The Center has a core staff of talented practitioners, academic researchers, and collaborating faculty with diverse expertise from the University of Minnesota and other institutions. All are deeply committed to solving challenging problems and improving public health systems and outcomes. CPHS benefits from Minnesota’s ground-breaking and innovative environment that supports collaboration around issues of individual and population health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support governments, organizations, and communities using evidence-based public health practices and to generate new evidence about public health systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a nationally recognized leader in public health practice research and application that creates positive change in the health of Minnesota, the region, and the nation.

Our Values

  • Collaboration – We bring in our partners, including those with other specialties and opinions, to enhance our creativity in solving contemporary problems. Our approach builds new communication channels, strengthens relationships among people and organizations, and creates new learning opportunities.
  • Innovation – We are driven to research, uncover, and create better solutions to practical and systemic public health problems while maintaining efficiency, complementing and enhancing ongoing practice-oriented efforts rather than replicating them.
  • Equity – We are fair, impartial, and reasonable to ensure that we provide comprehensive service and improved health outcomes. The center and its staff promote equitable provision of services and support anti-racist policies and interventions for public health systems.
  • Quality – Our services and products are reliably professional, efficient, timely, evidence-based, and useful.
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