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School of Public Health minors give students in other disciplines an opportunity to integrate a foundation in public health theories and practice.

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Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate Minor in Public Health
This collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Public Health includes coursework from both entities. Ideal for undergraduate students in liberal arts and other majors who are interested in public health issues.

Graduate Minors

Graduate Minor in American Indian Health and Wellness
Designed to help students understand how to work respectfully and effectively with Tribes and American Indian communities.

Graduate Minor in Biostatistics
Designed for students in non-biostatistics graduate degree programs at the University of Minnesota, and is available for both MS and PhD students.

Graduate Minor in Climate Change and Health
Trains students in the science of climate change and the mitigation and adaptation strategies public health professionals can use to respond.

Graduate Minor in Environmental Health
Compliment your studies with a focus in environmental health and occupational hazards. Includes both a master’s and doctoral option.

Graduate Minor in Epidemiology
The Graduate Minor in Epidemiology is designed for students in non-epidemiology master’s degree programs at the University of Minnesota.

Graduate Minor in Gerontology
The Gerontology Minor provides an opportunity to enrich graduate studies with an interdisciplinary program focused on aging.

Graduate Minor in Global Public Health
Trains students as global citizens to address global public health challenges, both locally and abroad, and to work in interdisciplinary teams to achieve these goals.

Graduate Minor in Health Equity
Addresses the unequal burden of health risks, morbidity, and mortality experienced by minority cultural and social groups in the U.S., as well as unequal quality of and access to health care.

Graduate Minor in Health Services Research, Policy and Administration
For students who are interested in the social, political, and economic forces that affect the operations, financing, and delivery of health care.

Graduate Minor in Public Health (freestanding)
Available to students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs outside of the School of Public Health; includes a graduate-level course in environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics.

Graduate Minor in Sexual Health
The Sexual Health minor is a graduate minor that allows students to specialize in sex, sexuality, reproductive health, and sexual health.

Doctoral Minor in Health Services Research, Policy & Administration (including focus in Health Economics)
Applies microeconomic theory to the main economic issues in the health care sector, such as demand for health care and health insurance, the structure of optimal health insurance policies, and industrial organization problems.

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