Equipment Loan

A primary goal of the Healthy Weight Research Center (HWRC) is to support interdisciplinary research related to healthy weight.  To facilitate research development and collaboration, the center has equipment available that may be checked out by investigators for use on related research studies.

Current Inventory of HWRC Equipment

  • Dell Laptops (14 each)
  • Actigraph activity monitors (255 each; 125 model GT3XP-BLTE and 130 model GT9X-BT and required charging ports) used to obtain objective measures of physical activity for research purposes
  • Actigraph activity monitor wrist bands and waist belts
  • Tanita Body Composition Analyzers (5 each Model TBF-300A, 2 each TBF 400) for measuring % body fat, fat free mass and body water via bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Digital scales (3 each Tanita Model BWB-800; 2 each Tanita Model BWB-800A; 2 each Seca Model 882; 1 each Seca Model 876)
  • Portable stadiometers (6 each Shorr; 5 each Seca Model 217; 1 each Seca model 437)
  • Calibration weights (2 each 10-lb; 2 each 25-lb; 2 each 50-lb)
  • Wireless headsets (5 each)
  • Portable precision electronic food scale (OHAUS SP601 Scout Pro)
  • Lange Skinfold Calipers (10 each)
  • Gulick waist circumference tape measures (2 each)
  • Sphygmomanometer (1 automated Omron Model HEM-907XL)
  • Polar heart Rate monitors (2 each)
  • Port-A-Wall portable privacy screens (6 each)
  • Reebok aerobic steps (4 each)
  • Noise reducing microphones (8 each)
  • Step Stools (6 each)
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse M330 Silent (5 each) 
  • 14” x 17” plastic platform for stabilizing stadiometers and scales (8 ea)
  • Wood platform for stabilizing stadiometers and scales (4 ea 18” x 22”; 8 ea 17” x 20”)

Please note: As of June 30, 2023 the HWRC is no longer supporting NDSR licenses due to rising costs. Should you need to purchase NDSR licenses for use in your research, please contact the Nutrition Coordinating Center ( directly.

Reserving Equipment

Researchers are required to reserve the equipment in advance.  Please read through the policies around equipment reservation below.

Information about the equipment loan program:

  • This equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis.  Researchers are required to reserve the equipment prior to needing it.
  • Priority for equipment use is given to faculty and postdoctoral researchers in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health (EpiCH), School of Public Health.
  • Equipment loans to investigators outside of EpiCH may be limited to 12 months or less, depending on the level of requests for equipment.
  • Equipment is the responsibility of the researchers upon check out.  If researchers check out equipment, it is their responsibility to see that it is returned undamaged, clean, and on time.
  • Student use is allowed if a faculty center member agrees to check out the equipment and take full responsibility for the terms of the equipment loan agreement.
  • All equipment must be checked out and returned to Stacey Moe, the HWRC Operations Manager. If equipment is not returned, the researchers to whom it was last registered will be held accountable for its whereabouts.
  • The HWRC reserves the right to deny equipment checkout if the above policy is or has been compromised in the past.
  • The HWRC may consider committing funds toward the purchase of new equipment for a specific grant submission if the equipment is of benefit to HWRC and contributed to the lending library after use on the project. If this is of interest to you, please contact the HWRC Operations Manager, Stacey Moe at  A separate agreement for this is required.
  • The HWRC Directors must approve any exceptions to these policies.

Please fill out this form and submit your equipment loan request to Stacey Moe,

The following are a variety of sample measurement protocols for use with the HWRC research equipment, including weight, anthropometry, blood pressure, accelerometry, and 24-hour dietary recalls.

The HWRC may be able to provide training on measurement protocols and quality control protocols, depending on the specific request. For more information, contact the HWRC at

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