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Amy Saupe (MPH '16) analyzes data from a recent outbreak.

Investigating Food Outbreaks

August 28

Every year, Minnesota experiences more than 40 foodborne disease outbreaks. The summer months see scores of Salmonella cases or E. coli poisoning, while winter brings norovirus infections by the droves. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is continuously collecting information on potential foodborne illness outbreaks via routine surveillance, or when…

Re-imagining the MPH Core Curriculum: Phase II Complete

March 10

Phase II of Re-Imagining the MPH Core Curriculum project is done. Building on the work of Phase I, the Phase II Committee recommends a revised configuration of core courses along with an increased emphasis on interdisciplinary, practice-based skill development. The Phase II MPH Report describes the process that Phase II…


August 25

Creating a healthier population means tackling hard-to-solve, complex issues. At Minnesota, students are at the center of some of the world’s most pressing problems through their involvement in case competitions.

Janny Brust and Love Odetola

Leading the Way

August 03

The School of Public Health bridges the connection between students and practitioners through its long-running mentor program.

PUBH 3415/7415: Online Course in Clinical Trials

May 20

The Division of Biostatistics is offering “PUBH 3415/7415: Introduction to Clinical Trials” — an online course providing a fundamental understanding of how clinical trials are used to advance science.

MHA curriculum review underway

March 08

What are the competencies University of Minnesota MHA graduates will need as the health care sector shifts from one that is volume-based to one that is value-based?  And, how should the MHA program revise its curriculum to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to lead high performance health care organizations…