What do Graduates Do?

There is greater need than ever for employers to improve environmental health and workplace safety. Graduates are well-prepared to work in universities, private companies and NGOs, national and international organizations, and state and local departments of health on health protection and promotion, applied research, education, and program development.

Job Outlook

The current job market for environmental health sciences graduates is extremely strong. Current trends shaping the field include: an increasing number of environmental and workplace hazards (including chemical, physical, psychosocial, and biological agents), governmental regulations, an increased prevalence of chronic disease and injury, public demands for healthcare reform, environmental protection and sustainability, and an increasing emphasis on global health.

Examples of Positions Held by Recent Graduates of the Program

3M, Inc.
Advanced Industrial Hygienist

State of California
Associate Toxicologist

UnitedHealth Group
Senior Healthcare Economics Analyst

Worldwide Industrial Hygiene Program Manager

Intel Corporation
Corporate Safety Engineer

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Research Scientist

3M, Inc.
Senior Regulatory Analyst

Senior Regulatory Specialist/Regulatory Specialist

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