American Indian Public Health and Wellness Certificate

The American Indian Public Health and Wellness Certificate (AIPHW) is the first comprehensive Certificate in the United States to focus on educating students on how to work respectfully and effectively with federally recognized Tribes and American Indian communities.  The Certificate will increase students understanding of the unique health care and services system that is unlike any other.  It serves the poorest, sickest and most remote populations in the United States.  Each Tribe’s culture under-grids and guides their elected leadership to meet the needs of their populations in this complex environment, including implications of specific Tribal (local, tribal and federal) law with the goal of improving the devastating health issues currently experience by American Indians.

Topics include:

  • Federal Government relationships to tribal nations as distinct sovereign political entities.
  • The distinct multifaceted realm of the current 573 Federally Recognized Tribes, 74 State recognized Tribes and 35 federally funded Urban Indian programs.
  • Health and wellness knowledge of the “First Americans” and how health and wellness impacts all citizens’ wellbeing regardless of residence, race, economic status or community.

Students will examine the public health issues facing American Indian communities; review historical implications, analyze legislation, apply specific financing requirements and gain an understanding of the exclusive American Indian public health system and the complex set of service, activities, collaborations and stakeholders that varies by Tribe and region.

The certificate is designed for graduate students, state and county public health staff, health care providers and administrators, non-profit organizations and the public who want to increase their understanding of “Indian Country”, have an accurate historical background, analyze legislation, address their own cultural humility and improve the health of American Indians.

While the Certificate focuses on American Indian Public Health and Wellness, there are many parallels that can be made by students related to other governance structures from around the world.  The lessons can help fortify the knowledge of all students regardless of race, ethnicity and culture, that can be utilized in individual professional endeavors.

Application Deadline

Spring (January) Term: December 1
Summer Term: April 1
Fall term: August 1

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Linda Frizzell
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