Meet the newly elected SPH Student Senate board

Charlie Plain | May 9, 2014

The elected board for the School of Public Health Student Senate looks forward to the start of its 2014–2015 term in office. “We are dedicated to building upon past work of the senate and increasing the opportunities available and the overall student experience. As a group of motivated leaders we are looking forward to working with the student body to increase our community involvement as a school and on easing student transitions into and out of the School of Public Health.”

SPH Student Senate board members 2014-2015
SPH Student Senate board members 2014-2015: Bette Dougherty, Liz Fristad, Ellie Madison, Brian Ambuel and Chris Kim

Incoming board members

Christopher Kim
“I hope to not only increase the senate’s ability to effectively express the opinions of our student body, but to truly encompass what The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health values. I believe The SPHSS will allow greater cohesion within SPH and provide a stronger voice within the University’s community ”

Brian Ambuel
Vice President, Operations
“Improving our school requires collaboration and team work, and the student senate offers a forum in which we can speak for the student body with collective strength. I am committed to making sure the School of Public Health Student Senate represents what you want it to, and I will keep your priorities in mind, as we work together to continually improve the UMN SPH experience.”

Bette Dougherty
Vice President, Communication
“Collaboration is a necessity and priority in SPH Student Senate, as well as throughout the Public Health field and effective communication is essential to work with others to achieve progress. I am looking forward to continuing past efforts to increase branding and transparency throughout the School of Public Health and our Student Senate.”

Liz Fristad Kapella
Vice President, Professional Development
“I am passionate about leadership development! I would like to bring opportunities to SPH students that support their leadership and professional development. I’m also interested in building relationships between SPH student cohorts and between students and alumni.”

Ellie Madison
Vice President, Finance
“My goals are centered around securing and utilizing funds that effectively promote the core initiatives of the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. In addition to supporting our public image, it is important to recognize excellence and reward those positively modeling our values.”

~Post by SPH Student Senate

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